The church meets every Sunday for worship at 10.30am.

There is a service of Holy Communion once a month, usually on the first Sunday.

All are welcome to our services regardless of tradition,

and everyone is invited to share in the bread and wine of communion if it is their tradition.

Temporary Closure of Kingsway Church building from Monday 30 March 2020

 In view of the increasing Covid-19 crisis and the need to reduce social contacts, the Elders have very reluctantly decided to close the whole Kingsway Church building for all meetings, including church services, with effect from Monday 30 March 2020.  We realise that this will cause major inconvenience and problems for all the users of our building, but decided it would be irresponsible to subject so many people to continued risk, many of whom are in the groups most vulnerable to the virus. We ask for your understanding and cooperation at this difficult time. This decision will be reviewed at the end of April, but in all probability is unlikely to be reversed for a considerable time.

John Wilding on behalf of the church Elders